Åkarnet is a service for taxi owners, who wants to follow up their statistics through an easy web application.


Åkarnet service is included in all lease packages with M2 taximeter! The web site is accessed with your personal credentials via a normal web browser.


Specific trip reports based on
    •    Driver number
    •    Shift number
    •    Car number
Trip reports
    •    Manual time intervall
    •    Current month
    •    Previous month
    •    Current week
    •    Previous week

Different views for trip reports
Driver specific view

För att få tillgång till Åkarnet tjänsten så anger du bara din e-mail adress vid beställning av bilutrustning så skickas inloggningsuppgifter till angiven adress.


TRY OUT version

If you want to try out Åkarnet, use the credentials below.

User name: demo
Password: demo


Användarnamn: demo
Lösenord: demo